I Promise.

Dear Reader,

This is all new to me, writing. Some say they were always born to write, some just pick up a pen one day and the rest is history. For me, this is something I have alway wanted to do, but never did. But I think one thing that is most important in the writer-reader relationship is trust, as is most important in all relationships. So I dedicate this first post to you, to the ones who took the time out of their busy, or maybe not-so-busy day to read my work, my thoughts, my words. And with this dedication I also have a promise. To you. To you, I promise always to be real. If I’m having a bad day or if something doesn’t go well, I promise to convey that in the best way possible. I promise not to be perfect, because who can be perfect but God? I promise to answer your questions to the best of my ability, and to let you know when I can’t answer a question. I promise I don’t have all the answers, but I also promise to do my best, to be my best.

Thank you for buying a ticket to this crazy ride called Life with me.This journey will be filled with so much of me, and you’ll soon find out who that really is. I promise you this will get interesting.



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