Sète 2016

My friends and I made the decision the day before we left to go on this trip. It was really spontaneous, but the ticket was so cheap for an aller-retour (round trip), only € 6.40!! So, we bought the tickets and went! There were also some students from UNC Chapel Hill who were doing a similar program as mine, so we invited them to tag along as well. It was gorgeous. Sète is a working town of boaters and fisherman and industry- and when you first get off the train that’s clear to see. The boats on the dock are so full of color and life is bustling and moving, but at the same time there’s still a sense of peace and no-rush. That laissez-faire life coming into play, no doubt!

Boats in Sète.jpg
Boats on the Canal de Sète

STOP # 1

A girl has to eat right? Lucky for us, we ran into a little festival! Showcasing the famous seafood dishes of the city, this event was small but lively. There were little booths of small businesses handing out food for a small price… and then we saw the Brasucade. Brasucade de moulles, mussels fried in a savory broth with spices and olive oil, was new to all of us. But it smelled amazing so we had to get it. One container of it costed about € 4 which was fine with us! We ended up getting those along with tielle (a pastry with mussels and spices, a specialty of Sète) and some fried cakes that had spices, minced vegetables and octopus. 4 orders of mussels, 4 tielles, 8 fried octopus cakes, 3 glasses of wine/ beer: € 25


STOP # 2

One of the really amazing things about living in the south of France is how close I am to the beach. On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the temperature is amazing up until mid September and I took advantage. This  was the first rocky beach that I have ever been to. There were areas of sand closer to the entrance to the beach, but for the most part it was made up of smooth pebbles and rocks by the water.

Views of the “Grand Plage”

For the beach, we packed some fruits, bread, cheese and wine. I had the crazy idea to go exploring, and we found caves, mussels in the water and even some sea urchins… which I pricked my foot on after cliff-jumping. Hey, it’s one more thing to cross off the bucket list! After all the fun and adventures on the beach, it was time to go home.

Sete Family Photo.jpg
SÈTE FAMILY PHOTO: after we all swam and ate, it was time to call it a day

This was such a relaxing day. The best part was that we went on this trip, not fully knowing each other at all but knowing that we had that same thirst for adventure. I’m looking forward to many more spontaneous trips and memories like this one.



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