Heavenly Smells- Radha Beauty Product Review

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When I returned from France I started to look for different elements in my home world that I found similar to my French experience and that was difficult. One aspect that I really missed from France was the smells. I saw flowers everywhere, lavender hanging on balconies, most women wore floral clean scents and the air always had a pleasant mystery about it. So. When I finally got back to the States I set out to find that same mystery; I perused social media and read tons of different blog posts, and then one day on Instagram, I came across Radha Beauty.

From the Site:


Radha Beauty is an innovative and luxurious skincare line that is committed to enhancing the natural beauty of every person on Mother Earth.

To the credit of the exceptional quality of our products, we quickly climbed the charts to become the Number One Selling Beauty and Essential Oil Brand on Amazon.com.

Today, we are the leading authority in oils, carrier oils and essentials. Since our launch in 2014, we have gone on to Formulate different beauty collections to add to our catalog of stellar products.

  • Radha Beauty leads the industry in providing the highest-quality essential oils, carrier oils and oil blends on the market.
  • The Radha Beauty Skincare line is a mixture of active ingredients such as Vitamin C Serum, Retinol, and Hyaluronic Acid, with a natural botanical base of our purest oils.
  • Our newest line, Radha Organics, is an All Natural and Organic skincare line made only of essential oils, plant extracts and fruit and plant butters. This collection has no preservatives and is only made of ingredients that you can pronounce.
  • We also offer a selection of essential oil diffusers, bath bombs, and mud masks, among other products that are all aligned with our healthy lifestyle approach.

I purchased one of the most popular items, The 16 Piece Essential Oil Set. Luck smiled upon me again when I received 2 packages of the oil set for the price of one!! Okay, it was a mistake and they sent me twice as much as I ordered. When I realized the error, I emailed Radha Beauty support to let them know and to get information on how to return it, but they were so glad that I came forward, they let me keep the second oil kit!  As this rate, I’ll never run out. The support team was efficient and really cared about my experience; they even expressed their interest in hearing about how I like the products, and they seemed really genuine.

What’s inside/ First Impressions 


The presentation is wonderful, and I could tell that Radha took her time to make it really special. If you look at the top of the cover, all of the essential oils come with a description and suggestion for use. This is really helpful because of anyone asks you what an oil is for, you can tell them facts like a pro. This is another well thought out detail that is not only effective but adds to the aesthetic of the packaging. The blue bottles are cute, and they have a use as well. To avoid deterioration and protect the aromatic and therapeutic properties of the essential oils, they are stored in amber or cobalt blue bottles. Dark glass such as amber or cobalt helps to keep out deteriorating sunlight. It is best not to store essential oils in clear glass bottles. (Thanks, Google).


When at home:

In my Rainmate Air Purifier, I add warm water and then 3-4 drops of my essential oil of choice and wait for the smell of the oil to permeate the room, which only takes about 10 seconds! You can buy any air purifier or diffuser and it’ll do the same job. My mom won the purifier in a raffle and gifted it to me, so that was a blessing.

My Favorite Oils/Uses 

Geranium: This one might just be my number one go-to. I’m not usually one to like the smell of flowers, but the great thing about essential oils is that it captures the true essence of the flower. “The Geranium essential oil is steam distilled directly from the flower. It is known to help calm nerves and naturally relieves stress and depression. It is also known to alleviate the symptoms of menopause.” I like using this scent after a long day, or when I’m curling up to read a book.

Clary Sage: This has to be the most surprising of them all! The clary sage smells like a tea house, really subtle, but you can tell it has healing effects. “Clary Sage oil can boost self-esteem, confidence, hope and mental strength, thereby efficiently fighting depression.” Doesn’t that just sound like the medicine of the free world? It gets better. For all of it’s healing properties, the description doesn’t tell you one really MAJOR power that Clary Sage has: it cures menstrual cramps. Now I know what you’re thinking, okay, haha how can an oil cure excruciating pain? I went to the Radha website and pulled up a live chat session with a representative and asked what clary sage does, besides what’s on the box of course, and they let me know that if you take a few drops and spread them on the area right above your uterus, the oil should start working pretty quickly. So I tried it! Ladies, I am not kidding when I say it works w o n d e r s. I could feel the tingling warm sensation that the oil caused and my cramps were gone in about 5 minutes. 10/10 would recommend, especially if you’re trying to shy away from pills as an option to cure menstrual cramps.

Frankincense: Doesn’t that make you think of the bible when women would bathe in frankincense and mirth? This oil is mostly used when I want to clear my head and just breathe. Meditation, listening to music, pair this oil to your routine and all will be calm. “It is used to help relieve chronic stress and anxiety, reducing pain and inflammation, boosting immunity and even aids in fighting cancer.” I haven’t used it for chronic pain, but maybe to same rules as the clary sage apply here: put a few drops in the area of the pain and watch the magic happen.

Rosemary: Used only as an herb in my kitchen I didn’t even know that this was a thing. I’m finding that I really like it simply for the smell! “When inhaled, it can boost mental energy and it is also known to clear the respiratory tract.” As I write this post, this is my oil of choice that’s spinning in my diffuser. I have to embarrassingly admit that I’m taking deep breaths like a fiend; I can’t get enough of this smell!!

Lavender: For obvious reasons, this oil is on the list. I use the lavender oil in so many things, homemade body oil, in my hair, as a perfume, on my pillow to make sleeping easier, and of course in my purifier to make my room smell amazing and feel calm. “This oil is widely used for it’s calming and relaxing qualities and is perfect for aromatherapy, relaxation & massages.” This is a favorite among all of my friends when they come over for tea or just to hang out.

Tea Tree: Why wouldn’t this one be on the list? As a curly girl, I know the importance of tea tree in hair products, and I also know the danger. While this oil smells great and makes your hair thrive, too much of it will dry the skin out- and that means the scalp. I put this in my homemade body oil and I know immediately when I put too much because my skin instantly dries out! Still completely in love with it anyway. “Great for aromatherapy and home remedy use.” Tea Tree oil is great to put into your pre-poo or a deep conditioner.

Final Thoughts 

It’s nice to know that there are still companies out there that are well rounded. Radha Beauty offers amazing products and a staff that match the quality of their products. I’m so pleased with my experience with Radha Beauty and I intend to buy more of their products which range from lotions to diffusers and cleansers- all natural. For now, I’ll just enjoy the many heavenly smells that my oil kit- or kits- has to offer.

Make sure you like and follow the blog if you enjoyed this post! Comment and let me know if you want to see any more product reviews, if you want to hear more about one of the essential oils you see in the kit or if you simply want to say hello! Wishing you ever calm and sunshine through and through.



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