Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin & Nails Vitamin – Argan Oil Infused : Product Review

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted; I’m trying to enjoy the summer! Sometimes you just have to take a break, you know? Anyway, I’m back with another product review! So far I’ve stuck to natural hair products, and I haven’t had any complaints save for minor ones. I just wanted to warn and assure you guys that I’m being completely honest in all of my reviews, so sometimes the review mighty not be great news, but it’s important to have good and bad experiences so you guys know ahead of time!! That being said, let’s get to it!

Recently, there has been a lot of hype in the Influenster world about the Hair Skin & Nails Vitamins from Nature’s Bounty, you might recognize the brand from pink packaging and pink gummies. My friend took them, she had no complaints. Nature’s Bounty has a pill version. This one is extra strength, so I figured, hey, let me try it, right? I purchased the 120 count for about $9 from Walmart.

Disclaimer: I already read reviews on this product and heard some shifty things but pushed it aside because everyone’s reaction to a product is going to be different, and I don’t have any known allergies. 

The instructions say to take 3 vitamins per day, preferably with meals. Guys. I took the product for 5 days. My nails were growing within the first 2 days, and by day 5 my face started to flare up with acne. This is what I looked like on day 5:

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Based on my pictures from previous posts, you guys know that my face is always pretty clear. This acne did not seem regular at all. I can only describe it as an allergic reaction; it was not fun. I definitely was not expecting a change this… sudden. I sprung into action and contacted the Nature’s Bounty Twitter page and sent them photos and let them know that I had a reaction to the product and did not have a good experience. They responded and asked me to call them the next day to speak with me directly, and provided me with a number. The next morning I made the call and the representative that answered was kind and she apologized for my experience. I gave her some information and within 5 minutes she emailed me a pre-paid postage label to return the product and would send me a refund. Yay for great customer service!!

What have I learned? Well. I probably will not be taking a risk like that ever again. It’s been 3 days since I stopped taking the vitamin and I’m still breaking out, though it’s gotten less severe. I’m flushing my system with water and continuing to eat clean in hopes that this will disappear before the middle of June. I will say that all this does not go to say that the product does no work. Some people have tried it and their skin actually cleared up! Which makes me think that there may be some reverse science here… just kidding but seriously why me!!

8 days after stopping the vitamins + tons of water.

Anyway guys, cheers to good customer service, learning lessons, and drinking more water (even if it is in  a desperate attempt to get rid of acne.) Acne is not a bad thing, and it doesn’t make you less beautiful; it just means you might have to fight your skin a little more and that makes you strong! There’s still a little bit of breakout but thanks be to a head of hair that cover impurities!

Wishing you good vibes and light always.



Taliah Waajid : Shea-Coco Review

Thanks to my subscription to Cocotique, in the April box I was able to try the amazing products from the Taliah Waajid Shea Coco line. I. Am. Hooked.

Hey there!

Thanks to my subscription to Cocotique, in the April box I was able to try the amazing products from the Taliah Waajid Shea Coco line. These products have: Naturally Inspired Ingredients | Intense Moisture | Infused Natural Oils | Herbal Extracts. Ends dry dull lifeless hair. Revitalizes your hair to define your Natural Curl Pattern giving you soft luscious curls with no build up. Mends Breakage and Strengthens. (from the website). Most times when I use a new product I hardly ever follow the directions, but this time guys, I promise I did!

6 Full Sized products for $20! A $55 Value.


shea-coco-detox-shampoo-moisture-madness-masque-51141-b11 When I first started out with the product line, my hair had a lot of product build up- I’m currently obsessed with braid-outs and leave in conditioner- so this was just what I needed. The detox shampoo is not what I expected at all. I didn’t fully read the label when I opened it, so when it came out black, I was a little taken aback. The shampoo has two really effective ingredients: tea tree and activated charcoal. Woo! Let me tell you I could feel it working! I pre-pooed my hair so it was in twists. I followed the instructions and concentrated on my scalp and man, did it work! Squeaky clean and feeling really healthy. I then followed with the Moisture Madness Masque; the directions specifically stated to go from the bottom of the hair shaft up to just before the root, which seemed odd at first but then I remembered that I just cleared all the product from my scalp and my pores were wide open- no need to clog them up with product again. I kept the mask on for an hour (suggested 15-25 minutes) yes I know I said I’d follow the directions but it was hair masque!! You know how us naturals get! So after an hour, I washed it out. My hair felt pretty amazing, I mean I don’t even know how to describe it; I’ve never had a product that made my hair feel this good. I feel like I say this a lot, but this is better than all the rest, I promise.

Step 3: Condition ($9.99)

TW condition

After the wash, I followed with the third step, the leave in conditioner. I always appreciate a good leave-in, especially when there is a good applicator in place: this spray bottle! I liked how the conditioner came out thick but not heavy. All of the products in this line have a subtle smell which makes good for mixing products and not becoming overwhelmed with the smell. The conditioner smoothed into my hair really well! I wish I could upload the video for you guys to see the whole process, but I couldn’t find a way to get it done 😦

Step 4: Monoi oil ($9.99)

TW monoi oil

As is known with the L.O.C method (Leave-in. Oil. Creme) I followed the leave-in with the oil provided in my cocotique box, the Monoi oil. This my first encounter with Monoi oil. It has the visual color of castor oil and consistency of olive oil. Benefits? From the website: “Taliah Waajid’s Monoi Oil is an all-natural serum that mends split ends and helps reverse damage to the hair. Monoi Oil also is great for adding shine and eliminating frizz.” It did help eliminate frizz for sure, and this product can be used for hot oil treatments as well along with as a skin moisturizer including feet and nails for a soft finish. Like castor oil! Again, the smell of this serum is very subtle and pleasing.

Step 5: Natural Hair Style Cream for 3C-4C Hair ($9.99)

TW style cream

Last step! My hair is 4B so I liked how it was tailored for those in my range, almost personalized. I went through with this product and used the praying hands method: putting a quarter sized amount in my palms, I rubbed them together and put my hair between my hands and smoothed the product down my hair shaft. After that I followed with a little more mononi oil for shine and extra coverage. I braided my hair (current braid-out obsession here) and let it dry over night! I took the braids down the next morning by putting some mononi oil in my hands and unbraiding, then fluffing with a pick.

Results: IMG_0333

Side note: I’m one who likes volume over definition; there was no grief lost here. Over the days my hair did get bigger, which is always my goal! 

Overall: I was surprised how well each product did its job, but also how well it worked with my hair. It’s rare to find a company that has great product AND a smell that doesn’t overpower the senses. Taliah Waajid, you are a genious woman!! Also the World Natural Hair Show this past weekend was amazing, I loved every second! (Stay tuned for a blog post on my experience!) The Shea Cocoa line was a good choice for the April Cocotique box, and the products were all full sized, they had to put it in a bigger box!! I didn’t get to try the cowash or the curl cream for 3B-4B hair, but I’m going to give it a try soon and write a blog post on that as well, soon hopefully! If you guys want to take advantage of this $20 deal and try these products out too, click Cocotique to purchase this box! I have half a mind to purchase another one myself, this offer is too good to pass up!!

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Product Review: Venus Swirl Razor #MovesLikeNoOther

Ladies are you looking for a razor this summer season? Look no further! Gillette Venus Swirl has the #MovesLikeNoOther

Hey there!

I’m back again with another product review but this time it’s got nothing to do with the hairs on my head! Ladies. I’m talking about Shaving.

As an Influenster, I get the opportunity to try new products, and in a recent Vox Box I received the new Venus Swirl Razor by @Gillette.


I received this product free or complimentary for testing purposes, but all opinions are my own.

First things first, I’m developing a new love for purple, so plus on the color. The swirl metal ball that separates the blades from the handle is pretty groovy. When I was shaving my legs- and let me go ahead and say my legs are pretty long, so you can imagine the struggle when I want to shave for the warm seasons! The shave with this razor really has the #MovesLikeNoOther. Gillette is my number one brand of choice when I’m choosing a razor, but the Venus Swirl was cutting edge. Guys, when I say that I mean it in the literal sense… This blade was sharp!! For me, this is important because I like to get a close shave the first time. I am not a fan of having to shave one day and then going back over it two days later. This shave lasted me 5 days!! When it’s summertime and I constantly oil my skin to keep it moisturized sun the hair was going to grow back faster- take my word for it. So this razor definitely surpassed my expectations. I really like how the razor had great mobility. It was so easy to go from my shin, to the backs of my knees (the hardest part!) and to my thigh without getting cut. Granted… I did cut myself once but that was only because I was dancing to a song and the blade slipped! (Has anyone heard H.E.R. volume 2?! Say It Again is my jaammm) LOL! We all know that feeling.

So. Would I recommend this raiser? Yes. It’s just so agile, it provides an easy shave, a close shave,  and I know from this point on that The Venus Swirl is a razor that I can count on. Thank you again to Influenster! And thank you to Gillette as well! I’m looking forward to new things- from the both of you!

Sitting poolside on the 5th day of my shave with the Venus Swirl!

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