#SubiAdventures: Spontaneous Trips & Nostalgia

Hey there pals!!

Summer has come to an end, classes are in full swing, and I find myself wondering where all the time has gone. The days seem shorter, the sun peeks into my window a little earlier, and I feel like I’m rushing against the clock. In an effort to keep the summer magic alive, in the middle of July, I made spontaneous plans and took a trip to Florida. I had no qualms about searching for a flight and booking it the same day, and it was so cheap, I couldn’t pass it up! (Let me know if you guys want details on how I book my flights and travel and I’ll be sure to post about it!)

From Monday – Saturday I had a whole spread of sunshine and opportunity to glow, recharge and enjoy life with my OG travel pals: family. From visiting places that I used to love as a child, to trying new foods, I could feel all my worries slipping away and becoming simple whispers upon the wind. There are tons of things that I want to share with you guys, videos and pictures and laughs, but I’ll save that for the Tube. (Yes, Guys!! I’m headed to YouTube finallyyyyy) All the content I’ve been creating will be live for you guys to see by the beginning of October, so stay ready so you never have to get readyyy!! For now, I’ll share with you guys some of my favorite highlights from the trip.

FullSizeRender 6
Swap Shop Drive-In Movie Theater!!

3291 W Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

(954) 791-7927


Swap Shop

To an outsider this may not look like much, but the Swap Shop is a Caribbean Gyal’s paradise. Here, vendors and hagglers, schemers and dreamers alike all gather the same roof to sell their goods. There are food carts, and clothing booths, electronic stores and beauty corners. But the best part has to be the fresh food isle. Located in the back of the market grounds, Haitian men and woman dominate the playing field.

My top and shorts are from Forever 21, and my sandals are from Marshalls!

There are fresh dragon fruit, sweets, mangoes and my favorite- fresh coconuts. As a little girl I used to come here and beg my dad to get a coconut for me and have the coco-man cut a hole into it. He would stick a straw in it and just like that, my favorite drink was ready for the taking. Over the course of the week I returned here 5 times with my parents, to buy new threads, eat coconuts and have a few laughs with the woman we always buy mangos from. It was all good fun- from the first day we got stranded there in the pouring rain to the final day when she gave me a free avocado for the road- I was in paradise.

My top is from Marshalls and my shorts are vintage Old Navy!

Key West

It was first time this far south in Florida, and the drive was long. From Miami to the Keys during that 5 hour drive it seemed that with every 20 miles the sun shone brighter and the sky turned more blue.

How can you come to Florida and not visit the beach? You can’t. If you stayed on the coast like we did, then it is unavoidable, and for good reason. Here, you can find the house of Ernest Hemingway, one of my favorite writers, and some of the yummiest homemade ice cream on the coast. I was asleep the whole ride minus a few times I woke up to film the spreads of water that we would pass, and I woke up in an iguana filled wonderland. No seriously – this place was filled with iguanas! In the streets, on the trees, lurking in the grass, basking in the sun, they were living it up! The picture above is the southern most point of the continental US. Here, you’ll be just  90 miles away from Cuba!


Little Haiti

This town is everything that I thought it would be. From the colorful murals ,the blues the pinks, the yellows, it was like stepping into a tropical crayon box. From the fruit filled markets, all the way to the warmth of the people who lived there, Little Haiti felt just like home. As a Haitian American living here, I make it my mission to stay connected to my culture. Diaspora communities like these are not few and far between, especially in Miami; little Haiti was in a less than glamorous part of town, but even so, the charm and genuine nature of the inhabitants was clear.  We started off at a community center that had an art exhibition of Haitian paintings and a summer program for children in the community.

My choker is from Asodáre, my overalls are vintage Tommy Hilfiger and my sandals are from Marshalls!

Rita’s Italian Ice

This way to Happiness! That’s how I feel whenever I eat Rita’s. I convinced the fam to stop and let me get some shopping in st Sephora; down the street something caught my eye- Rita’s!  The Ice’s are either water or cream based and they taste so good and have such yummy flavors! My favorites are Swedish Fish and Cotton Candy, and I get it in a Gelato, which is a dessert that has a base layer of a cream or water ice, custard (vanilla, chocolate or swirl), another layer of  italian ice, and then a last dollop of custard. The Vanilla is my favorite!! Ice cream and ices are one dessert that i can eat anytime and anyplace– this includes the winter time — and not feel guilty about it. xoxo Rita’s I love you.

My Choker is from Asodara, my crop top from Forever 21 and the overalls are vintage Tommy Hilfiger!

This trip was essential to prepare me for the beginning of my last year at University. It was the first time in a long time that i travelled with family, I visited places that I only remember from memory and the food was bombbb. I can’t wait to share all the magic of this trip with all of you!! Be on the lookout for more updates on social media, and let me know in the comments below, or email, what you’d like to see more off, less of, of if you just want to say hello!

Sending you smiles and a healthy promise of good things to come. xoxo










Marseille, France : Top 3 Places to Visit


If I had a dollar for every time I had heard about Marseille before this trip, I would have 1 dollar. Truthfully, if it wasn’t for reading the Count of Monte Cristo in middle school, I never would have heard of it. But, what is there to do in Marseille? With only 7 hours to enjoy myself I had to make the most of it; as a college student on a budget, I really had to make the most of it!

Known as a cosmopolitan city in France and a big tourist destination, Marseille is the oldest and second largest after Paris filled with ancient history, diversity of culture and an amazing seaside view. Should you visit here if you’re in France and have a day off? Most definitely.

Views from the highest point in the city!

During my study abroad trip, Marseille was on the itinerary, so the 9 of us and our program director woke up super early (5am guys, no joke). We got a great group deal on our train tickets (the TGV no-less) and got snacks and breakfast things for the train ride, so we were all set to go. Marseille was actually one of the very first excursions that we went on, none of us were accustomed to the french culture much, but it was an adventure and you know how I feel about those!

What to do, What to Do?

What do you do in Marseille with so little time? First things first we went to the office of tourism, because Lawd knows how excited we can get and then realize we have no plan!

Main Tourist Office
11, la Canebière – 13001 Marseille
T: + 33 (0) 826 500 500  – fax: + 33 (04) 91 13 89 20

Go here for all your questions and concerns, they really made it easier for us by giving us a map and making us comfortable.

Notre Dame de la Garde 

Just wow.

The basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde sits at the highest point of the city, and according to the inhabitants, watches over the city of Marseille and protects them from harm.

This was one of my favorite churches that was in France for so many reasons.Notre dame de la Garde has a Romanesque style and Byzantine effect about it due to the former ownership of the city.  It has colorful mosaic and tiled floors, not to mention the beautiful stained glass all along the walls. Designed by Henri Espérandieu, the basilica was builtin the 19th century.

The magnificent ceiling

My favorite thing to do while in the basilica was to lay on a pew and stare at the ceiling. As I laid there, the only thing I could think of was how could something so beautiful be made by man? It’s so true that back in the day they were more creative and innovative than we could possibly imagine. Especially with the amount of tools they had, (or didn’t have I should say). I was amazed.

Sunglasses were Ray-Ban and even though you can only see a sliver, that’s my NorthFace backpack on the left corner- super comfortable and has great back support.


A little boat ride 

Here is what really made me fall in love with Marseille. This boat ride! The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining and the water was so so blue. We got our tickets for the boat ride for less than 25 euro each, and due to the season, it was late september, that was a pretty good price.

Our view while we waited in line. Take a look at that blue sky!

So remember what I said about the count of Monte Cristo? In the novel, Edmond Dantes the protagonist gets thrown in the Chateau D’If that was, at the time, a high security prison used for the lowest of the lows and criminals who has committed high treason. Placed literally in the middle of nowhere, literally nowhere, it’s surrounded by water and the only way in and out is by boat.


Guys, yes, the picture is from Snapchat, but I was too excited to realize what I was looking at and this is the only photo that I have. We didn’t get to go inside because tours were closed for the day, but it was enough for me to see it from the outside. If you really want to visit the Chateau d’If and take a guided tour, feel free. Let me know how it looks from the inside 🙂

Me, Mary Grace and Michaela on the boat!

Have you ever seen the ocean and asked how could it get so blue? I was asking myself the same question. My #1 word of the day was “wow.”


Then came the amazing part. As the boat went up the coast it seemed like the water was changing color. Maybe it was the sun, maybe it was the magic of France, but I knew something was different. When I finally tuned in to what the captain was saying it lade sense: we were in the Côte d’Azur.


I mean, have you ever seen water so magnificent? For all my followers that travel a lot, I’m sure you can top this, but for me, this took my breath away. Sorry if the pictures are blurry, the boat was going pretty fast in some places.


And the further in we went, the bluer the water got!

Woah, right?

The best part about the picture above was that on the other side of the boat there were thousands of jelly fish, just swimming around, having a party I guess! The water here was so sparkly and blue and all I kept wishing to jump in the water and feel it. Granted it was September, so it was probably freezing, but still! I’ve always wanted to go to the Côte d’Azur, and to cross something off my list was satisfying.

I’m sure if I was to return again, I’d visit some restaurants, because there’s amazing seafood in the south of France- trust me! The list of places I want to go will never end, but if you have cool places that you’ve been to or think I’d enjoy, if you like this post, or even just want to say hello, shoot me an email (sincerelysubi@gmail.com) or leave a comment below and I’ll add it to the list! Summer ’17 will be upon us before we know it and don’t forget spring break! Don’t forget to smile today!! Thanks for reading!

You guys know I had to break out my flag!