I Got a Plant!!

Hey there!

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It’s final exam season at my University and there is stress all around. People are staying up until 5 am with classes at 9 am, students are grabbing fast food in an attempt to combat hunger and most of all, we are spending so much time inside and under artificial light. There came to a point in time this week where I asked myself, “when was the last time you sat outside, smelled the flowers?” I couldn’t answer the question. So one day as I was walking to the bus (woohoo for public transportation) I saw there was a little plant sale going on in the plaza. I had 5 minutes until the bus pulled up and all I could think was that I had to have a plant! Three minutes and $5 later, I was the owner of this little beauty! I don’t even know what the plant is called, there are 4 types in the pot, but it brought so much light and life into my apartment and life was so good in that moment.


This little guy is going to live on my window sill for the time being. Maybe I’ll buy some more so he doesn’t get lonely! Nature and being centered is so important to me so I love the idea of plants surrounding me and attracting light into different spaces.

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